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Ink jet parts manufacturers how to improve the efficiency of after-sales service

1)The establishment of 24-hour service line

Ink jet printer, especially CIJ printer, the scope of application is very wide, we usually see in the supermarket a lot of goods, such as food, beverages,snacks,oil,soft drinks,biscuits and so a lot of goods,there will be production date,Shelf life,batch number,brand specifications and other content logo,a lot of products are the way the code manufacturers are on the assembly line through the small characters ink jet equipment formed.

So the printer is facing a wide variety of customers,all kinds of building materials,electronics,food,beverage manufacturers,are in different locations,you want to quickly solve the problems encountered in the production work,the first choice is to let Site operators or personnel responsible for identifying the equipment to call the manufacturers or suppliers,by telephone to guide,understand the problem,find out where the problem,step by step to deal with.

Konika has 24 hours a dedicated after-sales service hotline,non-stop handling a variety of customer problems encountered in the process.

2)Establishment of Emergency Response Measures SOP(Standard Operation Procedure)

The establishment of preventive measures approach mechanism,according to the ink jet printer manual can be prepared to deal with the corresponding fault handling methods,so that users and employees can follow the procedures for step-by-step operation to reduce the time of inquiry and consultation,quickly deal with some common problems,such as nozzles Jamming, poor printing and other simple cases, through repeated cleaning nozzle,cleaning nozzle surface deflection plate and recovery tank parts to keep clean and then open again, the steps are simple and reliable,suitable for beginners to deal with emergency problems.

3)Establish preventive maintenance mechanism

Ink jet printer problems,many appear in improper operation,or improper maintenance,resulting in long-term Ink jet printer did not go through the cleaning pipe,replace the filter,causing a lot of impurities precipitate,bring ink plug,nozzle clogging,bad printing and other issues.

The establishment of preventive maintenance mechanism is very important,in accordance with the ordinary small character ink jet printer operating manual requirements,usually require the machine in the use of 3000-5000 hours between the maintenance,the first is the machine ink cycle cleaning,and then replaced The new filter (depending on the model of different brands,there are three sets and four sets of two specifications),and finally add a new ink,open use,this advantage is to extend the pressure pump,solenoid valve and other hardware life,Ink road to maintain a clean,less impurity state,bring more stable and reliable,clearer,more beautiful printing effect.

Konika company is provide a series of spare parts for Markem imaje,Linx,Domino,Willett&Videojet Citronix CIJ inkjet printer,contact us to get the best service!

Post time: Aug-08-2018