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How to replace the Markem Imaje ENM10298 EHT block

Tools:2 mm, 2.5 mm and 4mm Allen keys.

CAUTION: Turn off the printer and unplug it from its AC outlet.


Open the left door.

Disconnect the two connectors from the EHT wires and the EHT control connector.

Open the right door and remove the ink and make up cartridges.

Unscrew the two cartridge guide rods. Unscrew the top screw, remove the bottom screw from the cartridge support plate and remove the plate.

Unscrew the two screws from the EHT block and remove it.


Position the two screws on the new EHT block. Bring up the EHT block and tighten the screws.

Reassemble the cartridge support plate and the ink and make up cartridges.

Plug the connectors back in.

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Imaje ENM10298

Post time: Nov-22-2018