Pump motor for Citroni CIJ inkjet

Pump motor for Citroni CIJ inkjet
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Citronix Ci_1000 cij printer filter maitenance service kits; 

003-1016-001 main ink filter

003-1018-001 makeup filter

003-1109-002 gutter/prehead filter

003-1177-001 feed filter

More parts for your reference:

Item number Description Item number Description
003-1047-002Latch, Door ci1000 2003-2005004-1058-001Seal, Fuse Holder
004-1005-001Switch, Power100-0011-002PCB, CPU Tested specify machine type at ordering
004-1004-001Filter, Mains EMI004-1010-001Keyboard,Membrane English (Gray)
022-1009-002Cable Assy, Fan004-1010-004Keyboard,Membrane English (white)
022-1008-003Cable Assy, PSU/CPU004-1027-005Gasket,EMI Controller
022-1007-002Cable Assy, PSU/EMI004-1049-001Plug,Hole.688
022-1010-003Cable Assy, CPU/HV Module004-1057-001Lanyard,12" Nylon Coated
022-1011-003Cable Assy, CPU/Pump004-1055-001Hinge,Cabinet Left
022 1001 002Cord, Mains US Adapter004-1056-001Hinge, Cabinet Right
022-1028-001Cord, Mains EURO Adapter004-1050-001Cover, Pump Motor
004-1028-001Guard, Fan003-1097-001O-ring, Teflon Pump Mounting
004-1047-001Cover, Fan Filter 2003-2006 (small)004-1078-002Air Manifold Assembly
004-1047-002Cover, Fan Filter 2008 (large)004-1079-001Plate, Air Adapter, ci2000
004-1003-001Holder, Fuse004-1084-001Filter, Suction, ci2000
015-2006-002Encoder Kit, Shaft003-1047-002Latch, Door ci1000 2003-2005
015-2011-001Beacon, Alarm 3 Stage004-1005-001Switch, Power
015-2009-002Air Kit, Integral Printhead - 2 Pin (2004-2008)004-1004-001Filter, Mains EMI
005-2011-001Wash Station, Printhead022-1009-002Cable Assy, Fan
005-2008-003Mounting Kit, Printhead Floor022-1008-003Cable Assy, PSU/CPU
003-2035-001Flush, Kit for 2008+ Systems022-1007-002Cable Assy, PSU/EMI
003-2034-001Flush, Kit for 2003-2007 Systems022-1010-003Cable Assy, CPU/HV Module
014-2001-004Kit, ciSeries Specialized Tool(includes: The following listed specialty tools )022-1011-003Cable Assy, CPU/Pump
014-1032-001Loupe, Eye Piece (included in kit)022 1001 002Cord, Mains US Adapter
014-1051-001Wrench, Allen Key 1/16" (included in kit)022-1028-001Cord, Mains EURO Adapter
014-1078-001Wrench, Allen Key .035" (included in kit)004-1028-001Guard, Fan
014-1067-001Wrench, Allen Key 3/16" (included in kit)004-1047-001Cover, Fan Filter 2003-2006 (small)
014-1066-001Wrench, Allen Key 5/32" (included in kit)004-1047-002Cover, Fan Filter 2008 (large)
014-1075-001Screwdriver, Phillips # 0 (included in kit)004-1003-001Holder, Fuse
014-1080-001Cutter, Side Cutters (included in kit)004-1058-001Seal, Fuse Holder
014-1052-001Cutter, Tubing (included in kit)100-0011-002PCB, CPU Tested specify machine type at ordering
014-1076-001Flashlight, Service (included in kit)004-1010-001Keyboard,Membrane English (Gray)
014-1040-001Pliers, Flat Nose (included in kit)004-1010-004Keyboard,Membrane English (white)
022-1014-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 10 feet004-1027-005Gasket,EMI Controller
022-1015-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 25 feet004-1049-001Plug,Hole.688
022-1016-001Cable, Shielded RS232/RS485 50 feet004-1057-001Lanyard,12" Nylon Coated
022-1019-001Cable, Cat 5 Ethernet Patch 50 feet004-1055-001Hinge,Cabinet Left
003-2014-004Kit, Filter Maintenance (ci700 / ci1000)004-1056-001Hinge, Cabinet Right
003-2015-004Kit, Filter Maintenance (ci500)004-1050-001Cover, Pump Motor
004-1015-001Filter, Small Air, (1 ea) 2003-2006 models003-1097-001O-ring, Teflon Pump Mounting
004-1015-002Filter, Large Air (1 ea) 2007-2008 + models004-1078-002Air Manifold Assembly
003-1016-001Filter, Main Ink Capsule004-1079-001Plate, Air Adapter, ci2000
003-1018-001Filter, Makeup004-1084-001Filter, Suction, ci2000
003-1109-002Filter, Gutter004-1085-001Switch, Air Pressure
003-1177-001Filter, Feed004-1088-001Filter, Air Assembly
005-2009-002Hand Transport, Print Sample002-1002-004Bracket, Drop Generator 2003-2006
012-1001-003Manual, Operation Guide ciSeries002-1002-005Bracket, Drop Generator 2007
012-1002-001Manual, Technical Service ciSeries002-1002-006Bracket, Drop Generator 2008
004-1059-001Fuse, Mains 5x20 3.15amp002-1008-006Electrode, Charge
004-1060-001Fuse, 2 Amp Pico (F1, F3, F4)002-2012-001Cover, Printhead Front 2003-2006
004-1064-001Fuse, .5 Amp Pico (F2)002-2023-001Cover Printhead Front 2006 micro
004-1061-001Battery, 3V Backup Lithium002-2012-002Cover, Printhead Front 2007/8 (all)
002-1083-003Nozzle, Printhead 65 micron002-1011-004Cover, Printhead Back
100-0011-001PCB, CPU Tested002-1012-003Plate, Deflector GND
004-1002-001PSU, High Voltage002-1091-001Plate, Deflector GND - micro


004-1029-001Power Supply, DC002-2005-001Assy, Deflector Plate +
004-1001-001Fan, Cooling002-2022-001Assy, Deflector Plate + Micro
004-2012-001Display, Quarter VGA019-1501-001Screw, Thumb Printhead 2007
003-1005-001Pump, Head002-1086-001Nozzle, Printhead 40 2003-2007
003-1006-001Pump, Motor002-1110-001Nozzle, Printhead 50 2003-2007
003-1023-001Valve, Ink Manifold 2 Way002-2025-002Nozzle, Plate 65 2008
003-1024-001Valve, Ink Manifold 3 Way002-2026-002Nozzle, Plate 40 2008
002-1073-002PCB, Phase Amp/Sensor Assy002-2027-002Nozzle, Plate 50 2008
003-1025-001Valve, PH002-2021-001Kit, Printhead Screw 2003-2006
003-1055-001Feet, Rubber Cabinet Each002-2021-002Kit, Printhead Screw 2007
002-2021-003Kit, Printhead Srew 2008003-2003-001Assembly, Makeup Tank Adapter
002-1031-001Tubing, Printhead 1/8*1/16 (per foot)003-2004-001Transducer, Pressure
002-2001-002Assembly, Printhead 65 2008022-1036-001Cable Assy, Pressure Transducer
002-2016-002Assembly, Printhead 65 90D 2008003-2012-001Assembly, Bottle Fill Adapter
002-2028-002Assembly, Printhead 65 15ft 2008003-2031-001Tank, Makeup 2007 (2003-2005)
002-2017-002Assembly, Printhead 40 2008003-2030-001Tank, Ink 2007
002-2018-002Assembly, Printhead 40 90D 2008019-1023-001Nut, Square Tank Mounting
002-1034-001O-Ring, Catcher Barb003-2007-001Manifold, Ink System 5 valve
002-1017-001Fitting, Barb003-2021-001Manifold, Ink System 3 valve
002-1013-003Block, Gutter003-2032-001Manifold, Ink System 4 valve 2008
002-2007-001Sensor, Gutter003-1022-001Sensor, Viscosity
002-1098-001Connector, IDC Printhead Wires003-2010-001Assy, Viscometer (2003-2005/2008)
002-1118-001Cam, Jet Alignment 2008003-2024-001Assy, Viscometer (2006-2007)
002-1003-003Manifold, Printhead Valve022-1013-002Cable Assy, Ink Valve 2007
002-1029-001Gasket, Printhead Valve022-1013-003Cable Assy, Ink Valve 2008
002-2008-002Strobe, Assy Block005-1044-001Bracket, Cap 2" Post
002-2002-001Assy, Drop Generator 2003-2007005-1081-002Bracket, Printhead Clamp
002-2002-003Assy, Drop Generator 2008005-1082-001Bracket, Photocell Mount
002-2014-001Block, Drop Generator 2003-2007005-1080-001Bracket, Crossblock 2" x .5"
002-2014-002Block, Drop Generator 2008005-1026-001Bracket, Flange 2"
002-2013-001Probe, Resonator 2003 - 2007005-1083-001Bracket, Rod Cross Arm, Printhead
002-1103-001Plug, Resonator (thin 2003-2007)005-1506-001End Cap, Printhead Arm
002-1104-001Plug, Resonator (thick 2003-2007)005-1502-001Bracket, Rod Handle
002-1021-002Plug, Resonator Probe 2008005-1503-001Bracket, Printhead Handle
002-1100-001O-Ring, Resonator Seal 2003-2007005-1075-001Bracket, Alarm Beacon
002-1100-002O-Ring, Resonator Seal 2008005-1028-001Bracket, Leveling Feet
002-2009-001Assembly, Lid Switch015-1049-001Bulb, Alarm Beacon
002-1102-001Post, Printhead015-1020-001Cable, Photocell
002-2024-001HV Resistor, Kit Printhead005-1069-001Bracket, Conveyor Mount 2"
002-1033-001Contact, Solder Charge Cable005-1027-001Bracket, Post 2" x 5 FT
003-1155-001Pump, Head Heavy Pigment005-1070-001Bracket, Post 2" x 2 FT
003-2026-001Restrictor, Kit ciSeries015-1021-002Bracket, Fiber Optic
003-2027-001Restrictor, Kit ciSeries micro004-1008-001Cord Grip, 3/8" NPT
003-2028-001Restrictor, Kit Heavy Pigment020-1016-001Connector, Molex Microfit 4
003-1013-001Fitting, Straight Male020-1022-001Connector, Molex Microfit 2
003-1131-001Pickup, Tube Adapter020-1018-001Connector, Molex, Microfit 10
003-1021-001Cap, Tank (Black)020-1017-001Connector, Molex, Microfit 6
003-1105-001Cap, Tank (Yellow)020-1019-001Crimp, Molex Microfit 26-30AWG
003-1081-001Tubing, Teflon 1/4*1/8020-1020-001Crimp, Molex Microfit 20-24AWG
003-2033-001Pump, Solvent Flush014-1077-001Tool, Molex Crimp for Microfit
003-1162-001Fitting, 1/4-28  10-32015-1059-001Tubing, Positive Air (cost / foot)
003-1099-001Fitting, Straight 1/8" OD Tube003-1042-001O-ring, Pressure Trans./ Visc. Top
019-1028-001Screw, Back Cover003-1041-001O-ring, Viscometer Bottom
003-1106-001Cap, Tank Adapter003-1095-001Fitting, 3/8" "L" Male
003-1028-001Fitting, 1/4" "L" Male003-1050-001Gasket, Ink Valve (2 / 3 Way)

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: In box,carton or as customer's requirement.

Shipping:By sea,by air,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,UPS,MAIL or as buyer's requirements.


1. How could I buy products if there is no price on the website?

Buyers could send required product details via e-mail.

Then a reasonable quotation as request would be provided soonest.

2. How long could I get reply of my enquiry?
Buyers will get a reply within 24 hours.

3. How is the after sales service?

We will provide the tecnical support and if there is quality problems with the products,we will resend the new product for free to customers.

4. What are the terms of payments you offer?
Payment of the goods should be set in USD or RMB on the basis of goods exchanging.
Payment of T/T, Western Union, PayPal,  cash etc. would be accepted.

6. What kind of transportation methods you offer?
A. For spare-parts, express delivery like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and EMS would offer us very good discounts.
But if buyers provide their own accounts, freight paid by such accounts are also welcomed.
B. For goods with large package, transportation would be offered by air and sea, and freight with buyers’ prior delivery would be confirmed.

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