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Why domino A series choose to use 2.5mm thickness nozzle

Why domino A series choose to use 2.5mm thickness nozzle

In the domino A series of inkjet printer,why all the 2.5mm thickness of the chip nozzle?

Use with four screws to the entire stainless steel plate fixed in the chamber, the middle with a special O-ring seal.

What are the benefits of chip nozzles to Domino printers?

 Domino printhead

Detachable, you can easily remove the four screws,remove the nozzle.

1)Easy to change:

Domino printer has a variety of nozzles,40um,50um,60um,75um different sizes of nozzles can be replaced according to customer needs (conventional conversion value 1um = 0.001mm).

2)Easy to clean:

For long-term unused or severely blocked nozzle,compared to other forms of nozzle,soak after disassembly or ultrasonic cleaning is very convenient.After cleaning the installation and adjustment is very convenient.

3)Automatic cleaning thoroughly:

Automatic Cleaning With the fast shutdown procedure automatically executed, the amount of cleaning agent extracted during each cleaning is quantitative (too much cleaning agent causes the ink to be diluted by the cleaning agent,causing the ink to be too light and the viscosity to decrease,so every day the switch The number of machines is strictly limited to prevent excessive number of automatic cleaning, resulting in the amount of ink viscosity compared with the column nozzle,only 2.5mm gem hole chip nozzle,easier to clean.

Post time: Jul-20-2018