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What should you consider when you are plan to purchase the alternative ink and make up for Videojet and Markem imaje,Linx,Willett,Domino CIJ inkjet printer?

We are usually receive some inquires from different buyers whom may concern about the price of ink and make up.They are only send the item number of the inks to get offer.For example,they are request Markem imaje 9175 ink,Domino IC-270bk ink or Videojet V410-D ink and so on…

However,different inks are apply to different materials.If the inks are used to the cables,only anti-resistance ink is workable,or it will be erased easily.If the ink is apply to high temperature environment(over 100°-200°),pls consider high temperature ink.

Therefore,it’s better give us the detail working condition rather than only provide the item number or the inks you purchased may can’t be guaranteed working perfect.

We are supply a full range alternative inks for Markem imaje,Linx,Willett,Videojet…There is the well-trained engineer&sale team whom can give you most profession inkjet service!

Contact us to save your budget and enjoy the best service!

Post time: Jul-13-2018