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What is Domino inkjet 37733 Viscometer & How to replace the 37733 viscometer correctly?

37733 VISCOMETER is used for a series / A+series/E50 Markem Imaje cii inkjet printer. The ink of the Domino inkjet printer needs to have a suitable viscosity to ensure the ink droplets are stable. The function of the domino viscometer is to measure the viscosity of the ink and then adjust the viscosity of the ink to ensure stable operation of the printer.


After the viscometer is damaged, problems such as abnormal printing, half printing, etc. may occur. How to replace the 37733 viscometer correctly?

1. Close the domino inkjet printer normally and disconnect the power supply;

2. Remove the fixing screw, and pull out the ink system;

3. Remove the viscometer power connector from the ink circuit board and pull out the viscometer;

4. Disconnect the viscometer’s ink tube, cut off the used end of the tube (about 5-6mm), and connect it to the new viscometer;

5. Insert the new viscometer cable plug into the ink interface board;

6. After checking, just open the power supply and check if the ink viscosity is measured.

Note: The above operations need to take certain anti-static measures; also need to take protective measures to prevent ink splashed into the eyes and pollute the environment

Post time: Jul-02-2018