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The solution of adjust Domino A Series Printer ink line position

Pls input the password “service” on the keyword, and press “confirm” to enter the service menu. Keep pressing the green button and input the password of “maigret” at the same time, press”confirm” to enter senior service menu;then pressing “manual”, the manual mode will be chosen. Then open the ink solenoid valve 14780 and Domino Pump 36610 successively, when the present value and setting value of the ink is nearly the same, open the Domino Valve Solenoid 14780, then choose the “regulation” as “pressure”, finally the manual setting mode is ready.

Use a hexagon screwdriver with size of 1.5mm to loosen the screws. If the ink line is offset to the left, slightly adjust the cam mechanism to the right; if the ink line is offset to the right, then slightly adjust to the left.

If the ink line is offset to the front, the screw is also needed to be loosen, and please use a hexagon screwdriver to slightly adjust the screw to the left; if the ink line is offset to the back, then need to slightly adjust the screw to the right.

After finishing the above two steps’ adjustment, please check whether the location of the ink line is in the middle and parallel to the charging slot by watching through the print cover magnifier. If it is, then the adjustment job is finished; if not, please adjust the location of the Domino charging slot.

Through the above steps, Domino printer ink line position is well adjusted, then we can exist the operation, and start the machine.

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Post time: Aug-01-2018