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Printer packaging knowledge

What is a primary packaging?

The primary packaging refers to the layer of packaging closest to the product and is the last line of defense between the product and the outside world. Listed as: potato chip bags, wine bottles, cans, chocolate bar wrapping paper. Sometimes the primary packaging needs to be completely removed (for example, sandwich packaging); in some cases, it will remain the same (for example, a wine bottle). But in terms of fast moving consumer goods, almost all products are inseparable from the first level packaging.

Printer packaging knowledge

What is secondary packaging and tertiary packaging?

The secondary packaging is the second package of the product. It can be a large package of potato chips containing multiple sachets, or a shrink-wrapped package that packs multiple boxes of beverages together, or a carton containing canned beer.

Tertiary packaging is the third package of the product, unless it is rarely seen in cheap retail and wholesale stores. It can be a shrink-wrapped packaging tray that allows the distribution center to ship products from the manufacturer to the retailer in bulk.


The reception will be in the bottle (primary packaging). A certain number of bottles will be placed in a carton (secondary package), which will then be loaded into a weight tray and heat-shrinked for distribution (three-level packaging).

n this entire packaging hierarchy, the logo is particularly important.


Post time: Sep-21-2018