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Precautions for using Domino 36610 CIJ inkjet dual head pump & Pump’s maintenance and repair & Common problems and solutions

The using precautions:

  1. The machine must be powered off when connected to the motor.
  2. Non-professionals should not disassemble themselves, otherwise it will cause many adverse consequences;
  3. Do not allow solid foreign matter to enter the pump.
  4. After use, such as a longer period of use, please use the solvent to clean the residual ink in the pump, clean and wait until the solvent is dry before spraying anti-rust oil, to avoid the ink dry hardening caused by the next use of the gear.
  5. White ink cannot be used on black ink pump

Pumps Maintenance and repair: 

  1. After each stop of use, the ink in the pump should be cleaned with solvent in time(installed on the machine).
  2. When it takes a long time to stop the use (if the pump and the machine are separately placed), the residual ink in the pump should be cleaned with solvent first (observe the transparency of the solvent and judge whether it has been cleaned). After cleaning, spray the anti-rust agent (to avoid Gears are too dry for the next use, affecting the rotation of the pump.)

Common problems and solutions:

  1. The pump does not turn (dry ink, causing the gears to stop). Use solvent to clean it first to see if it can turn. If it cannot turn, loosen the pump head locking screw and wash it with solvent to see if it can turn.
  2. No recovery pressure. When cleaning the pump with solvent, there is no recovery pressure, just adjust the pump head locking screw to see if the desired effect can be achieved

Note: Due to customer’s accessories and various conditions and factors, it is recommended that customers use the above two methods for the time being to see if they can be solved. If not, please return to our company.

Domino Short rotor pump 36610


Post time: May-15-2018