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Markem Imaje parts with compatible

Are you search the Markem Imaje parts in China?

Why not consider Konika,we are one of the biggest inkjet parts suppliers in China.You can get factory price directly and parts are guranteed.

Are you confused whats the difference between original with alterntaive spare parts?

We need to clariy all of our spare parts are alternative but with 100% compatible.We have the own factory which locate in guangzhou.

Do you want to know what spare parts for Markem Imaje we sell?

Following are some hot selling spare parts for Markem Imaje inkjet S4,S7,S8,9020,9030,9018,9028,9232 inkjjet printer for your reference,pls check:

ENM5044 Electrovalve Coaxial Kit ENM5192 Resonator M
ENM5675 Cannon holder ENM15885 Head cover G
ENM4343 Tubing 2.4-4 ENM15886 Head cover M
ENM4240 Set tubing PE 4.8*6.35mm ENM5494 Ventilator
ENM4248 Tube-PTFE (1.6-2.8)x20m ENM10133 Electro-valves
ENM10287 Pressure cell ENM28240 Keypad
ENM19618/ENM18591 Master keyboard ENM15978 S7 keypad
ENM4295 Vacuum pump ENM10248 S4 keypad
ENM16891 pump recuperation-special ink ENM5263 Gutter block  single jet G-head
ENM5629 pressure pump ENM5185 Cartridge Filter
ENM5553 White ink main filter ENM10298 EHT Block
ENM34410 Capsule filter 14U ENM10287 Cell pressure G & M head
ENM34411 Capsule filter 32U ENM28270/ENM38540 Modulation assembly-G
ENM7765 Filter ink circuit air part ENM 16203/A36022 S7/9020/9030 main ink Filter
ENM5672 Seal (x10) square cannon ENM 5934/ENM37176 S4/S8/9040 main ink filter
ENM5673 SEAL(X10) O-RING ENM 14431 Cannon EE-G
ENM14431 Cannon G head assy ENM 5261 S7 Recuperation Block Teinjet
ENM17357 Protector nozzle IM0001/ENM23759 Ink Modulation  Diaphragm
ENM17673 Grid filter-14U ENM23870 Fan
ENM17674 Grid filter 32U A36522B Power supply
ENM14130 Cannon EE-G ENM28591 9020Gutter assembly-single jet

Contact us to get latest price.

Post time: Jun-28-2018