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Alternative Markem Imaje Inks Introduction

1,Production raw materials: All alternative inks of Markem-Imaje are produced by imported high-quality environmentally-friendly raw materials. The characteristics of inks is no deterioration, no precipitation and no fading.

2, The production process: the ink produced is refined according to the characteristics of different types of inkjet printer nozzles through the corresponding composition and color adjustment and strict scientific processing technology.

3, material handling: all materials are super-purified before production, each process in the ultra-standard purification workshop to prevent the outside dust into the ink.

4, ink purification: more strict control, the ink before the filling before the filling through 1um, 0.5um, 0.2um three-level strict filtration to prevent the phenomenon of blocking the print nozzle.

5, chemical stability: the production of ink is completely in a sterile, constant temperature environment, thus ensuring the long life of the ink; mature composition and color adjustment and strict scientific processing technology, thus ensuring the color of the ink is never Discoloration, long-term storage; strict purification system ensures that the print head should not be blocked for ink reasons.

There are a series of inks and make ups repalcement for Markem Imaje inkjet printer.

Description Description
Markem Imaje MB175 black ink with RFID 800ml Markem Imaje A188 solvent with RFID 800ml
Markem Imaje 5191 make up/Solvent 1L  Markem Imaje 5151 make up/Solvent 1L 
Markem Imaje 5157 Black ink 1L Markem Imaje 5553 UV invisible ink
Markem Imaje 5135 Black Ink standar1L  Markem Imaje 7190/7155E Black Ink 800ml
Markem Imaje 9155E Black Ink 800ml  Markem Imaje 5554 Anti resistance black ink 
Markem Imaje 8158 solvent/make up 800ml Markem Imaje 5182 High adhesion ink 1L
Markem Imaje 9175E Black Ink 800ml  Markem Imaje 5157-S4 black ink 1L
Markem Imaje 8188 solvent/make up 800ml Markem Imaje 5144 Glass ink 1L
Markem Imaje 9550E Make-up 800ml Markem Imaje 9160 White ink 1L
Markem Imaje 8551 make up 800ml Markem Imaje 8199 Make up 1L
Markem Imaje 5160 Anti resistance white ink  Markem Imaje 5117 Pigment blue ink 1L
Markem Imaje 5152 Make-up 1L Markem Imaje 5100 Cleaning solution
Markem Imaje 5139 Anti resistance black ink  Markem Imaje 9570 Black ink 1L
Markem Imaje 5532 Inks Markem Imaje 8568 Make up 800ml

 Imaje ink&make ups

Post time: Aug-16-2018