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Learn to operate domino A series printer

Domino printer need to well maintain by following given below steps and Learn to operate domino A series printer

How to Start and shutdown machine?

Domino a series printer is based on one-key operation design , so by only pressing normally on the matchable buttons, that start or shutdown machine process, So you perfectly Done with it.

How to Add ink and solvent?

User must have to pay attention on this important part from all varieties of CIJ printers. However It has inbuilt function in system which automatically level of detect ink or solvent. Alarm will automatically on to show less amount in setting value of printer system. For all CIJ printer manager it definitely be a very practical function.

How to Clean system CIJ printer ink line?

Generally,It has self-clean function for Domino a series printer. By just start or shutdown of the machine it will automatically carry out the ink line cleaning process.

However, Manual work require in some domestic CIJ printer to inject solvent into the machine, for a interval of time it engage it running inside, then drain it out. After this, you can close the CIJ printer, let it to be on rest and in short time you can reorganize it. You might not face any problem of ink accumulation or solidification when using again.

How to Change of Domino filters and Domino spare parts?

One time half a year  domino a series printer need maintenance to keep its working stability. Under this process of maintenance, Change Domino filters. Moreover, While working on Domino a series printer during the daily operation, Domino spare parts can get some problem. Thus users can change the spare parts in Non-critical part.


Post time: Jul-11-2018