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Konika replacement parts for Domino,Markem Imaje,Videojet inkjet printer

Under the pressure of the ink supply pump, the ink passes through the ink channel from the ink tank, regulates the pressure, viscosity, and enters the spray gun. 

When the ink passes through the nozzle, it is affected by the piezoelectric crystal. A series of successive droplets of the same size and the same size are broken, and the ink flow continues downwards and is charged through the charging pole. In the charging pole, ink droplets are separated from the ink line. A certain voltage is applied to the charging pole, and when the ink droplet is separated from the conductive ink line, it will momentarily bring a negative charge proportional to the voltage applied by the charging pole.

By changing the frequency of the voltage of the charging electrode so that it is the same as the frequency at which the ink droplets break, this gives each ink droplet a predetermined negative charge. Under the pressure, the ink flow continues to move downwards from the two The positive and negative voltage deflector plates pass through the middle, and the charged ink drops will deflect when passing through the deflector plate.

The degree of deflection depends on the amount of charged charge. The uncharged ink drop does not deflect, and it flies down and flows into the recovery tube. Finally, the recycled pipe is returned to the ink tank for recycling. The charged and deflected ink droplets fall at a certain speed and angle onto objects passing in front of the vertical nozzles.

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Post time: Jul-18-2018