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How to win your competitors if you are doing Linx inkjet business?

Linx Inkjet printer has become well known around the world.There are many Linx machines need to do the maintenance.

Konika provide the solution of Linx inkjet inket printer.

Such as filters,pumps,PSU,Keypad,almost all spare parts in the print head,electronic system and ink system can be provided for you with high quality.

You can save more than 30% if use our compatible spare parts,take action and save your money now.

Following are some spare parts for Linx can be provide for you:



FA74070 Nozzle 70U FA65026  Basic scheduled maintenancekit
FA20110 3 Way connector FA65032/FA65033  6200 SCHEDULED SERVICE KIT
FA20254 3 Way connector 35 Micron FA10301 (16100) VENTURI 4900
FA73044 Main ink FA10674 Low voltage psu
FA72056 Ink Diptube long FA70074 LCD Display W/O PCB
FA13003 Solvent Diptube long FA71068 4900 LCD display
FA13004 Ink Diptube Short FA76504 LINX CJ400 Serive module unit / filter box
FA13005 Solvent Diptube Short FA71050 Ink jet levels sensor ink
FA72050 Damper FA200002 Pressure transducer
FA74163 Inline Filter FA72142 Keyboard for Linx4900
FA74189 Inline filter FA13178 Air filter for Linx 6800
FA74151 Side port valve assy FA65027 Scheduled service kit for 4200CE/4800/6800
FA74125 Side-ported valve assembly FA74330 Scheduled service kit for 7900
FA74131 3 Way-valve(plastic base) FA74221 Printhead valve filter
FA741373 Way-valve(plastic base) FA73055 Venturi for Linx 4800/4900/6800/6900
FA72101 Pump head for Linx 4200&4800 FA74316 CIJ pump assembly
FA71052 Pump motor for 4200&4800 FA74152 Molded ink cap
FA71073 Pump motor FA13421 VALVE CABLEFORM ASSY,
FA74147 Pump for 4900 FA900003 Squeezy bottles
FA72021 Black ink pump with motor for 6200 FA13802 IPM PCB for Linx 6800
FA72145 White ink pump with motor for 6800 FA13800 IPM PCB for Linx 7900
FA22019 MK5 Printhead for Linx 6200 FA74162 Ink and solvent cap’s seal pack
FA20019 MK7 Printhead for Linx 4900&6800&6900 FA20011 NOZZLE O-RING PACK
FA74057 Keypad for Linx 6200 FA74160 PRINTHEAD VALVE ASSY MK7
FA74058 Keypad for Linx 6200 FA74159 COVER TUBE MAGNET ASSY
FA74156 Keyboard for Linx 6800 FA16002 display cableform
FA72142 Keyboard for Linx4900 FA16006 Jet pump kit for Linx 4900  


Post time: Aug-23-2018