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How to maintain CIJ inkjet priner?

There are many buyer or customer concern about the inkjet printer maintainance,below are the points from our operating experience.

1.When you turn off the inkjet printer,make sure that you have followed the requirements of the supplier,because most inkjet printers have automatic cleaning function.Shut down the machine based on the methods your supplier provided,it can reduce the inkjet jam. The main point for maintenance the machine is to ensure inkjet printer nozzle work well and internal cleaning system does not have any problems,so the regular cleaning is the user daily compulsory course.We need provide a good working environment but also to develop a good habit of regularly cleaning.

2.After the machine was shut off,press the shutdown button and it is recommended to use a clean beaker which is containing about 100ml of   cleaning fluid or the solvent,put the nozzle into the beaker.The benefits of this processis it can be cleaned Recycling system thoroughly.

3.Some CIJ printer,such as white ink inkjet printer, please turn off the poweer after you shut down the machine.If you do this,ink system will start intermittently to prevent ink precipitation.You also need to check the solvent tank level,if it is low,add solvent is highly recommended.If you take a seven days holiday,printer may consume a lot of solvent.If you do not add in advance,ink concentration is easy to rise,when you start to use the machine after you back from the holiday,inkjet printer will be reported “viscosity failure”.There has many sophisticated print head in internal structure of the printer,so ink also need to clean up and need avoid collision and vibration of the machine.


Post time: May-18-2018