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Filter For Domino,Markem Imaje,Linx,Videojet&Willett CIJ Inkjet Printer

The filter is one of the important components of the printer. Its function is to filter the impurities in the ink inside the printer’s pipeline. To ensure the smoothness of the pipeline, the pipeline is not blocked and the normal operation of the printer is ensured.

Many customers did not understand the regular replacement of the filter. They thought that the filter was the same as other components of the printer. When the printer was broken, the replacement was not too late. In fact, this view is very Incorrect.

The long-term use and non-replacement of the filter will cause a large amount of dirt to remain in the pipeline of the printer, although the short-term can not see the negative impact on the printer, if the printer is not protected by the filter for a long time. Impurities in the pipeline will not only affect the coding effect of the printer, but also affect the service life of the ink pump and solenoid valve of the printer. Seriously affects the stability of the entire device of the printer.

Friendly link of the Domino filter video in Youtube

Domino filters kits

Usually 6 months need to replace a filter. Other situations are as follows:

1), the white ink jet printer: If it is to use a whiter white ink jet printer, due to its more pigment components, the pressure of its filter will be greater, so it needs a shorter period of time to replace the filter, such as 3 months.

2), the use of poor quality ink: poor quality of the ink in the production filter itself does not filter this process, but also uses inferior raw materials, its larger granularity, so the replacement cycle is relatively short.

3), the harsh environment of the production process: If the production environment is too dust, filter replacement cycle is relatively short.

4), the environmental clean production process: If the production environment such as cosmetics or health products is clean, the replacement of the filter can be replaced in a period of one year or one and a half years.

5). Number of coding: If continuous coding continues, the filter filters more ink accordingly, and the replacement cycle is shorter.

Sixth, the original black ink ink: the use of high-quality original ink, and production volume in general (about 8 hours per day), and the environment is clean, you can replace the filter a year or a year and a half.

 Konika inkjet spare parts manufacturer provided a series of filters maintenance kit for Domino,Merkem Imaje,Linx,Videojet&Willett inkjet printer to protecting the entire pipeline of the printer and Components allow the printer to run stably.


Post time: Jun-05-2018