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Features of Domino AX Series inkjet printer

As more and more customers ask about Domino AX series, let’s have a look at what’s the new features that makes AX series so popular in such a short time.


1.The Ax350i and Ax550i feature an IP66 sealed electronics enclosure and unique plenum air cooling system that make them suitable for wash down conditions, while guaranteeing protection against steam and contaminants. The Ax550i is supplied in a marine-grade stainless steel cabinet for the harshest production environments.

2.Constant automatic monitoring and control of the ink condition through the unique Quality Management Module (QMM) ensures the ink is always optimized for the i-Pulse print head and promptly informs the operator when an ink, makeup or Service Free i-Tech filter Module (ITM) change is required.

3.With the Ax-Series, traditional ink shelf-life is significantly extended and the number of operator interventions is substantially reduced, both factors significantly contributing to enhanced levels of OEE.

4.The three-stage solvent recovery system with active gutter control minimized solvent consumption, while the thermally engineered cabinet reduces heat build-up, extending component life.

5.The Service Free ITM can be replaced without tools or specialist skills, enabling continuous production with optimum line availability. Clean-Fill technology and colour-coded one-fit consumables eliminate the risk of spillage, and simplified overall design reduces stoppages.

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Post time: Jul-12-2018