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Domino Continuous Inkjet Printer Ink Viscosity Problem Repair

Friendly link:Domino 14780 CIJ inkjet printer spares solenoid Valve 2 Way 24V 3.8W


There always will be small problems when printing, sometimes the letters are only half printed, sometimes the color is not thick enough etc. Don’t worry, it is common and here are some methods to cope with it.

  1. Check CIJ ink thinner. If you find inkjet printer ink thinner is running out, by refilling it could solve the problem. Test the continuous inkjet coding machine again, if its performance goes back to normal, then everything is ok.
  2. Unfortunately, if step one doesn’t work, then you need to go on to step two, clean the solvent tube, which needs special inkjet printer cleaner & please consult a professional CIJ service person near you to proceed the process.
  3. If things still don’t go well after step two, then the problem may lay in the solenoid valves. There are different type of solenoid valves which manage different inlet & outlet of the printer. Take Domino inkjet printer for example, it contains total six valves, the bleed solenoid valve, the wash solenoid valve, the feed valve, the viscometer valve, the flush valve, the make-up valve.
  4. repair time. If we keep turning the printer on/off under 7 times per day, it will be a great help for maintain the continuous printer in good condition

Post time: May-14-2018