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Daily maintenance of the industrial cij inkjet printers

The nozzle is one of the important components of the cij printer and one of the most delicate components. The use of nozzles focuses on maintenance. Maintenance directly determine the effectiveness and service life of the nozzle. How to make your  industrial cij inkjet printers more profitable for you. Extending the service life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs. The following is a list of ways to extend the life of the nozzle:

 Daily maintenance of the industrial cij inkjet printers

1, Environment: If the working environment of the indoor equipment is not good, the dust easily enters the main ink cartridge, then enters the sub ink cartridge, thereby entering the nozzle, affecting the printing effect of the nozzle, and shortening the service life of the ink cartridge.

2, Operation: The nozzle portion of the nozzle surface cannot be rubbed by any object, and fine hair is easily hung on the nozzle surface. Causes the insertion and dripping of ink, which affects the coding effect. Therefore, it is also very important to operate the cij printer strictly according to the requirements.

3, Auxiliary accessories: Each accessory on the machine has its purpose. Do not delete it at will. Like main ink cartridges, sub ink cartridges, filters, etc.

4, Ink: The quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the screen and the nozzle. It is best to use high-quality ink. A good ink has a certain degree of protection for the nozzles of the printer. Don’t add anything at will.

5, Maintenance: Before turning off the power, the printer must clean the nozzle and use a moisturizing sponge pad to place the nozzle on the nozzle cover. This ensures the state of the nozzle and the quality of the industrial inkjet printer and also extends the useful life of the nozzle to some extent.

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Post time: Jun-15-2018