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Case Analysis: Why Domino Gutter Fault repeats in machine

We got a feedback from a company with his Domino A100 printer and Domino A200 inkjet printer displaying fault names as “Domino gutter tube failure”. Our Service engineers firstly think this issue created due to inclined ink line spraying, so we just clean the Domino nozzle and domino print head, then the printer was normal temporarily working properly. But three hours later, the gutter tube fault came back again. However,service engineers did not find any alignment issue in ink line situation, and the gutter tube’s sucking power is normal.

Finally, our service engineers found it might be issue of the gutter tube sensor. After changing to brand new part, the printer is working fine to normal again.


Normally, if Domino A100 or Domino A200 printer displays the gutter tube fault, it might be problem of alignment of ink line, which make the gutter tube failure to recycle the ink drops; but there might also be problem of gutter tube blocking due to bad ink quality; only in few situation gutter sensor problem occurres. We should need to solve them differently according to different reasons.

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Post time: Sep-28-2018