Correctly use inkjet printer consumables
Issue Time:2013-08-26

Generally speaking, ink is composed by resin, solvent, pigment and other materials and

thinner agent is composed by solvent, surfactant, stabilizer and other materials. Each

process of the consumables has a strict process and quality control. Through raw materials

inspection, purify, ingredients, grinding, response, stability, and tertiary filtration,

filling, testing, then finished production. Cleaning agents and solvents are based on the

characteristics of ink specifically making.

During the design process of the inkjet printer, there are also strict requirements to the

consumables’ performance index, such as viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying

time, adhesion, corrosion, PH values, ect.

Nozzle is one of the core components of inkjet printer with very small diameters range from

40um to 180um. The thinner the inkjet printer nozzle
is one of the core components of inkjet printer nozzles, the nozzle is very small aperture

diameters ranging from 40um to 180um, which diameter is, the higher demands on the ink.

If the printing letter needs the characters of fast drying, good adhesion and clear vestige,

the requirements on the ink must be very high.

Long-term use in industrial environments, the demands on the ink will be higher.

Use of nonprofessional ink will lead to blocked filters, nozzle frequently blocked, bad

printing effect, short printing distance, printing with no writing, and may even cause

permanent damage to machine parts.

It is also very important to choose ink types according to material and requirements of

printing products, which will affect the printing effect, the failure rate of machines,

machine maintenance, and lifespan of the nozzle and so on.

Therefore, it is very important to use inkjet printer consumables properly.

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