Date coding machine profile
Issue Time:2011-12-05
  Date coding machine is controlled by the microcontroller, non-contact inkjet marking system. The internal gear pump, or by controlling the external supply of compressed gas from the machine, within the system to exert some pressure on the ink, the ink through a nozzle injection tens of micron.
  Added to the nozzle at the top by the crystal oscillator signal will shoot continuous ink lines split into the same frequency, the same size, spacing some drops, and then drops after charge, respectively, when the electrode charge, the charge carried by the size of the central processing unit CPU control; and then drop after a detection electrode detects the actual power and phase are properly brought; Finally, the formation of charged drops deflected in the deflection electrode electric field deflected shot from the head office, were playing a different position in the product surface to form the required all text, graphics and logo. The drop is not being charged into the recovery tank, the ink inside the machine to re-enter the circulatory system date coding machine.
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Cherry Ye
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